The difference between 360 degree feedback and other traditional performance reviews

Evaluating employees is a critical part of any organization. Company owners especially HR need to carefully assess a candidate before selecting. After hiring the candidate, they also need to assess the contribution they have made to the company at the end of a time frame. Assessing employees involves many things such behaviors, protocols, work ethics and results produced. 360 degree feedback is a conventional way of evaluating and reviewing employees by taking feedback from the managers, subordinates and colleagues. In some organization, an external consultant is also hired to assess the results and take corrective actions. 360 evaluations is a lot different than regular traditional performance reviews.

360 feedback

Feedback from all perspective: An Hr’s alone evaluation may not be accurate for assessing an employee. 360 degree feedbacks involve taking reviews and feedbacks from the direct managers, subordinates, colleagues and additional sources. People may not act the same around certain people especially when they are around their bosses. Carefully assessing from all angles helps you get a clear picture of the employee and how much has the employee contributed to the growth of the company.

Broader views and forward focused: Traditional questionnaires and evaluations use to work around assessing an employee’s overall work and results. The information to fully assess an employee is limited. 360 degree gives a wider and broader perspective of the employee. Not only do you assess the employee based on their work ethics and contributions, data from the 360 degree can help assess the weakness and strengths of a person. The data driven can help change a person and increase the efficiency in work.

360 degree is one of the best ways of assessing any persona in an organization. Even top levels corporate are assessed with 360 degree feedback in many companies. Looking at employees and seeing how they work and is impact is only a short term vision. What a company needs to assess is if they are building the right kind of employees who will stay in the company for a long time and will help in the growth of the company.

There are now many tools in the market which are helping companies and organization to perform these 360 degree assessments in a more efficient and faster way. Many technology companies have now come up with cloud based tools which can be easily customizable to evaluate employees. Using web tools will save the handwork of handing out paper and then collecting and assessing. The data collected in the online software can easily be analyzed and assessed. The size of the company does to matter when you use these online tools as you can easily feed in data of 10 to 5000 employees.

More and more companies are now using these cloud based tools. If you are looking for ways to assess your employees, you cannot find a better way than 360 degree feedback. You can contact a 360 degree performance companies that has the right kind of web based tools fit for your organization.

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